Busy mothers love this dual plant protein

Busy mothers love this dual plant protein

Smita Rajan is the mother of two children - a teen and a toddler. Now that's a lot on her plate. She is a dance movement therapist and twice a day spends time with her customers doing consulting. How does she pack so much in a day one wonders. But what choice does she have? 

All women, like Smita, have a lot going on at home and ambition to build a business and career. No one should be put through making a choice.

Smita has been consuming Gytree's Cafe Mocha protein to power up her days. "I really tried a few different proteins but it was only after Gytree's protein that I saw a big jump in energy levels." She has been a protein drinker for the last six months. 

"Sometimes I take one glass serving and at times, on longer days, I take two. After a week or so I felt much better."

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Boosts energy

With the plethora of plant-based protein sources available, ranging from lentils, beans, to whole grains and seeds, keeping your meals varied and nutritionally balanced becomes effortless and enjoyable. Given their widespread availability, you can easily incorporate these into your daily meals, ensuring a wholesome diet for you and your family.

But for Indian women, no matter how much you add to your protein, there is always a gap in what your body needs. Many Indian diets are vegetarian and so most people prefer to have protein supplements to bridge the gap.

Another big reason why women are opting for Gytree's protein is because it contains the right balance of two proteins like brown rice and pea. 

Convenience and ease of plant protein 

As a busy mother, finding quick and healthy meal options can be a real challenge. For Smita, her days are long because she has to cater to the energetic demands of a toddler and the many needs of her teenage child. "It's a handful and you can imagine I have a lot to do daily."

"I started Gytree's protein and felt the taste was so good that I could actually consume it comfortably. The taste reminds me of my childhood sattu mhavu and it is delicious. So it was easy to start drinking it. It also mixed very well."

Contrary to popular belief, preparing meals from plant-based proteins can often be relatively more budget-friendly than their whey-based counterparts. Importantly they can help you increase energy without bloating.

"After I have my protein shake at 5 pm I am good to go for the evening and can power up a lot of work in the process."

Boosting energy and improving overall health

Lastly, but most importantly, plant proteins are packed with fibers, vitamins and minerals which help in promoting a feeling of satiety for longer periods, thereby reducing unnecessary snacking. The Cafe Mocha protein and the Chocolate protein both have adaptogens and Vitamin D3, and boost women's immunity and energy at the same time.

Smita, who is on a diet uses the protein to stay full. "I am on intermittent fasting and I feel quite a bit of energy and abundance with Gytree's protein."

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