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After two decades of being the face of India's top news channels - NDTV, ETNOW - I really wanted to put the spotlight on women. And that's how my journey began. In 2015 I started SheThePeople and from that community, Gytree was born to bridge the gap in women's health.

We are the destination for female wellness. For decades I have wondered why women put themselves last. I wanted to change this. But just making women aware is not enough. We need to create a total and comprehensive ecosystem of wellness, both products and services that support women in their quest for a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

Shaili Chopra

Built by women, backed by Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Gytree is reimagining female wellness

  • Swarnima Bhattacharya. Co-founder, Gytree

    Women's health expert with a background at the UN and WHO. AstraZeneca Young Health Program Scholar and a WEF Global Shaper. Served in the Youth Advisory Board of Unliever Dove's Self-Esteem Project

  • Dr. Sudeshna Ray. Chief Medical Director, Gytree

    Senior Gynaecologist with 3 decades of experience. Senior Consultant at Jaslok Hospital, Reliance & Apollo hospitals, Mumbai. Member of Royal College of Ob Gyn, London

What makes us different'?

Why people love gytree

  • Result oriented products

  • Gytree Guide 

  • Speak to our nutritionist

  • Award winning nutritional support

Our goal is simple... total nutrition for women. High quality ingredients that are good for your system and bring you results. 

  • Gytree uses tech to provide women with personalised journeys for better health outcomes

  • Kiran Mazumdar Shaw invests in women’s health platform Gytree

  • Built By Women, For Women, Gytree Is Reimagining Female Care In India

  • Gytree is streamlining preventative health for women

  • From menstruation to menopause, it's a platform that offers total care to women

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There is a problem

Women are told to 'adjust' with bad health. Our pain is called 'normal'. Our periods are called 'problems' and the spectrum of our health needs starts and ends with pregnancy (eyeroll).

This needed to change. India's 600 mn women do not deserve this. Here we are putting female wellness first.

Women need total solutions

Health and hormones are deeply connected. Women are sick of going from platform to platform fixing one, but not finding answers to a linked problem. Gytree's proprietary connected care is the answer.

Scientists and health experts curate products and services so you don't have to look elsewhere. We offer total solutions to anaemia, fatigue, protein deficiency, hairfall, skin pigmentation and more.

With the good stuff

We are building an honest company. That's why we are dedicated to providing complete transparency in everything we do.

Our ingredients are clinically tested and they drive outcomes. In our best-selling iron vitamin gummies, you find W.H.O approved SunActive Fe that helps reduce anaemia by 15% in ten weeks.

A survey of our protein users showed 2X energy boost after ten days of having our dual plant based protein. We are committed to sharing information that empowers you.

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