Plant protein recipes

Plant protein recipes

Cafe mocha-banana smoothie recipe to satisfy your health and taste buds

With the fall season brewing, fitness enthusiasts are all the more excited to play with more protein recipes. With the right workout, goes the right nutrition, and for your protein intake nothing beats a yummy and healthy cafe mocha-banana smoothie. 


1. Protein powder- 1 scoop 

2. Yogurt- 1/2 cup 

3. Milk – 1 Cup 

4. Dark chocolate – 1 tsp grated or small chunks (as you like it) 

5. Banana- 1 

6. Chopped almonds and walnuts 

7. Chia seeds- 1 tsp 

Method to Make Cafe Mocha-Banana Smoothie: 

In a blender, add banana, yogurt, protein powder, milk, and seeds and blend until smooth (with ice if you would like). Take a glass and pour the drink, top with melted/grated chocolate and crushed nuts. Finally, enjoy your healthy and tasty cafe mocha-banana smoothie.

Plant-based protein is not only more sustainable and environmentally friendly, but it also offers a wide range of health benefits. Protein intake does not have to be boring, let’s walk through some scrumptious recipes to make your protein diet healthy and tasty. 

Gytree protein powder does not cause bloating, acts as an energy booster & is weight-neutral. It is completely free of  Soy, Gluten, Preservatives, GMOs, Added Sugar, and Lactose; which makes it suitable for diabetic people (although we suggest you take the advice of your doctor first). Gytree protein powder is focused on weight management so, whether you’re looking to lose weight or gain weight, it’s a go-go product for all.

Benefits of Gytree Plant-Based Protein:

Plant-based protein is a fantastic alternative to animal-based protein, offering numerous advantages for our health. Here are some key benefits: 

a. Heart Health: Plant-based protein sources, such as legumes, nuts, and seeds, are typically low in saturated fat and cholesterol. This can help reduce the risk of heart disease and improve overall cardiovascular health. 

b. Weight Management: Plant-based protein is often lower in calories and higher in fiber compared to animal-based protein. This combination helps you feel fuller for longer, aiding in weight management and preventing overeating. 

c. Reduced Inflammation: Plant-based protein sources are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients, which have anti-inflammatory properties. By reducing inflammation, plant-based protein can help prevent chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, and certain types of cancer. 

d. Improved Digestion: Plant-based protein sources are generally easier to digest compared to animal-based protein. They contain dietary fiber, which promotes healthy digestion, prevents constipation, and supports a diverse gut microbiome. 

Incorporating plant-based protein into your diet benefits your health and contributes to a more sustainable and compassionate world. By trying out these delicious recipes like Cafe Mocha-Banana Smoothie, you can enjoy the incredible flavors and reap the rewards of plant-based protein. So, why not embark on a culinary adventure and discover the wonders of plant-based protein for yourself? Your taste buds and your body will thank you!

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Delightful mango smoothie recipe for a nutrient-packed breakfast

Start your morning with a burst of tropical flavours and nourishing goodness by indulging in our scrumptious Protein powder Mango Smoothie. This breakfast option not only tantalises your taste buds but also offers a plethora of essential nutrients to kickstart your day on the right note. Follow these simple steps to create a delectable and energising breakfast treat that's sure to become a new favourite:


- Chia seeds: Soak in water for 15 minutes

- Cashews and pistachios: Blended to perfection

- Frozen mango: 1 cup

- Soaked chia seeds

- Plant-based milk: 1 cup

- Gytree protein powder: 2 scoops 


  1. Prepare the Chia Seeds: Begin by soaking a portion of chia seeds in water for approximately 15 minutes. This soaking process allows the chia seeds to absorb liquid, transforming them into a gel-like consistency that contributes to the smooth and creamy texture of your smoothie.
  1. Blend the Nutty Base: Take a handful of wholesome cashews and pistachios, and blend them until they form a finely ground mixture. This nutty base not only introduces a delightful depth of flavour but also provides a dose of healthy fats and essential nutrients that contribute to a balanced breakfast.
  1. Combine the Ingredients: In a high-speed blender, combine 1 cup of frozen mango, the soaked chia seeds, the nutty base, and 2 scoops of Gytree protein powder. Gytree protein not only boosts the protein content of your smoothie but also adds a wholesome element to your breakfast, aiding in muscle recovery and providing sustained energy throughout the morning.
  1. Blend to Perfection: Blend the ingredients until a smooth and velvety consistency is achieved. The blend of frozen mango, chia seeds, protein powder, and plant-based milk creates a harmonious fusion of flavours, textures, and nutrients that invigorate your senses and fuel your body.
  1. Serve and Savor: Pour the vibrant and luscious Mango Smoothie into a chilled glass. The cooling sensation combined with the vibrant mango flavour is the perfect wake-up call for your taste buds. This refreshing smoothie is not only a treat for your palate but also a smart choice for your body's nutritional needs. 

Elevate your breakfast game with this Mango Smoothie that's designed to provide you with a balanced blend of protein, healthy fats, and natural sweetness. Whether you're looking to jumpstart your day or refuel post-workout, this smoothie caters to your nutritional requirements while delighting your senses. Share this recipe with friends and family to spread the goodness of a nutrient-packed morning ritual that tastes as good as it makes you feel.

Nourishing oats & chocolate protein breakfast bowl

Start your day on a wholesome note with our delectable Protein Powder based Oats & Chocolate Protein Bowl. This breakfast bowl isn't just a treat for your taste buds, but also a powerhouse of nutrition that'll keep you fueled and energised throughout your morning. Follow these simple steps to craft a breakfast experience that's both satisfying and indulgent:


- Gytree’s Dual Plant-Based Protein Powder

- Handful of rolled oats

- Ripe banana: 1

- Sweet date: 1

- Creamy peanut butter: 1 tbsp

- Velvety melted chocolate: 1 tbsp

- Plant-based milk (or cold water)

- Chopped apple, for topping

- Nutty pumpkin seeds, for topping

- Crunchy almonds, for topping


  1. Blend the Base: Begin by placing a generous handful of wholesome rolled oats into a blender. Add in the natural sweetness of a ripe banana and a luscious date, which not only adds a delightful caramel-like note but also provides a dose of natural energy. Incorporate the richness of 1 tablespoon of creamy peanut butter and the indulgent allure of melted chocolate along with two scoops of Gytree’s plant based protein powder. To bind these elements together, pour in your choice of plant-based milk or cold water. Blend the mixture until it transforms into a velvety smooth consistency, packed with the goodness of whole grains, healthy fats, and a touch of sweetness.
  1. Craft the Bowl: Gently transfer the impeccably blended mixture into a waiting bowl, unveiling a canvas of flavors and textures that's about to unfold. This base boasts the combined richness of oats, Gytree’s plant based protein powder, banana, date, peanut butter, and chocolate, ensuring that each spoonful is a harmonious symphony of taste.
  1. Artful Toppings: Elevate your breakfast bowl by adorning it with a medley of artful toppings. Begin by scattering finely chopped apple pieces, adding a burst of freshness and a hint of crunch. Sprinkle the bowl with a handful of nutty pumpkin seeds, infusing every bite with a dash of protein and a delightful contrast in textures. Finally, complete your masterpiece with the addition of carefully placed crunchy almonds, which not only contribute to the bowl's visual appeal but also provide a dose of healthy fats and satisfying crunch.

Indulge in the symphony of flavours and textures that await in every spoonful of this Oats & Chocolate Protein Breakfast Bowl. This carefully crafted creation is more than just a meal; it's a sensory experience that's sure to set a positive tone for your day. Whether you're fueling up for a busy morning or seeking a delightful and nutritious way to start your day, this breakfast bowl ticks all the boxes.

Savour the combination of creamy peanut butter, velvety chocolate, and the natural sweetness of bananas and dates, all enveloped within the heartiness of oats. Topped with an ensemble of fresh apples, protein-packed pumpkin seeds, and crunchy almonds, each bite is a delightful journey of flavours and nourishment. Embrace this morning ritual and give yourself the gift of a nourishing and indulgent start to your day.

High protein iced coffee recipe for a refreshing boost



  • Ice cubes: A handful
  • Gytree protein powder: 2 scoops
  • Creamy almond or peanut butter: 1 tbsp
  • Almond milk: 1 cup
  • Natural date: 1
  • Freshly brewed coffee: To your preference


  • Chill with Ice: Start by gathering a handful of ice cubes.
  • Blend the Protein Base: In a blender, combine 2 scoops of
  • Gytree protein powder with a generous tablespoon of creamy almond or peanut butter.
  • Incorporate Almond Milk: Add a cup of velvety almond milk to the blender, infusing your drink with a creamy and dairy-free element.
  • Sweeten with Nature's Touch: Introduce a natural touch of sweetness by adding a single date to the mix.
  • Infuse with Coffee Goodness: Brew your preferred strength of coffee and let it cool. Add the cooled coffee to the blender.
  • Blend and Serve: Embrace the symphony of flavours by blending all the ingredients until they harmoniously unite into a delectable mixture. Once blended to perfection, pour your high protein iced coffee into a glass filled with ice cubes, ensuring a refreshingly chilled experience that's perfect for sipping on a warm day or as an invigorating pick-me-up.

Easy and delicious chocolate protein with chia seeds


If you're looking to fuel up your workouts and tickle the chocolate-loving buds on your tongue, you've clicked on the right corner of this online satellite called the internet. And we're more than delighted to have you here! We are going to be your guide on this culinary journey into the land of fitness and chocolate both hand-in-hand. So, let's roll up our sleeves and put together this lip-smacking, power-packed, and best of all, easy-to-whip-up Chocolate Protein Smoothie with Chia Seeds! 

This smoothie is your fitness partner in disguise. It's rich, sweet, and indulgent like a chocolate dessert, but instead of slowing you down, it's going to boost your energy levels, nourish your body, and help you sail through any tough session at the gym. Let's proceed to the ingredients and guide you step-by-step through this recipe. 

Chia Seeds are real powerhouses of nutrition! Packed with plant-based protein, fiber, healthy fats, and an array of minerals, they bring a low-calorie boost to your protein shakes. Plus, they add a lovely, unique texture to your smoothies.

So hang tight, grab your blender and your apron, and join us in the kitchen for a rendezvous with power, flavor, and health!

Smooth and creamy


Naturally sweetened


Loaded with nutrients

& Simple to make!

Make this the night before for a decadent breakfast or mid-day snack. Or prep it in the morning for a hands-off, simple dessert to unwind from the day.

1/4 cup Gytree chocolate protein powder

3-5 tbsp maple syrup/honey/jaggery 

1/2 tsp cinnamon powder

tiny bit of sea salt or you can skip this if you don't like it

1 cups milk/almond milk or soy milk or half cup water with a dash of coconut milk for texture

1/2 cup chia seeds

Whisk everything except the chia seeds into a thick pasty portion. Then add chia seeds and mix again. Refrigerate for 3/4 hours, whisk once more. Keep it over

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