Amino acids your body cannot produce

Amino acids your body cannot produce

When it comes to your body functioning at its optimal level, one of the key players in this rhythm of balance is amino acids. You might be wondering, what are these "amino acids" we're talking about? 

Amino acids are organic compounds comprised of nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. They are paramount. Why? Because they're the building blocks of proteins, and proteins are what constructs, maintains, and repairs your body's tissues. 

Now, not all amino acids are created equally. Some your body can produce on its own, but there are a select few which are coined "essential amino acids", because they cannot be produced by your body independently. The only way to supply these 'essentials' to your body is by consuming them in your diet. 

But what exactly are these "essential amino acids" and where might you find them? 

Histidine: For your growth and tissue repair. Find it in fish and eggs.

Isoleucine: An immense aid for muscle metabolism. Plentiful in beans.

Leucine: Aids in healing your skin and bones. Found in meals with rice.

Lysine: For building proteins and maintaining a healthy immune system. Common in a variety of soups.

Methionine: Supports detoxification processes. Present in a variety of adult dietary supplements.

Phenylalanine: A major player in maintaining mental health. Try a sweet treat, as it's found in certain sweets.

Threonine: Assists in supporting liver function. Grab a bottle of water, as it's often added to bottled beverages.

Tryptophan: Known for sleep and mood assistance. Like Threonine, it's often found in some bottled beverages.

Valine: Supports muscle growth and energy production. Again, find it in protein-rich eggs.

Essential amino acids are truly that, essential. They each play unique roles in our body's health and homeostasis, and the chore is on us to ensure we provide our bodies with them. Luckily, they can be found in a variety of sources, both solid and liquid, and even the sweet treats we love so much. And that is your body's harmony in a nutshell.

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