Nutritionist Reviews

  • Nutritionist Expert
  • Degree Diploma in Diet and Nutrition
  • 2 year of experience
Being a Nutritionist I always recommend woman to take Protein powder, because Protein is not just for body builders it’s for everyone.

Our body requires 9 essential amino acids to make lean muscle mass, to do tissue repearing, to maintain weight, to maintain the function of your overall health and these amino acids your body can’t produce by its own.
You need to supplement them either through food or through protein powder which is easily digestible, convenient and easily absorbed by the body.

Every day you cannot just count the portion of protein in your every meal, Taking Protein powder helps you to fulfill your everyday needs and support optimal health.
And they cannot cause anybody’s health any harm if you are taking it in the right quantity and opting for the right blend of protein as per your body.
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